Ways to earn money

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2020-04-03 22:59

1. Crimes ( If your crime is successful you get an amount of game money. Every Crime has different payouts ).
2. Car Theft ( If your car theft is successful you get a car. This car can be sold in the Garage. Every car has different value ).
3. Police Chase ( If your police chase is successful you get an amount of game money ).
4. Scavenge ( If your Scavenge is successful you get an amount of game money. The scavenge gives random game money amounts ).
5. Organized Crimes ( If your OC is successful you get a big amount of game money ).
6. Casino Games ( Through the casino games you can earn a lot of game money. Be carefull you may loose all your game money ).
7. Lottery ( Every 12 hours there is a lottery draw. You may win big amount of game money ).
8. Daily Tasks ( Complete your daily tasks and you let get a specific amount of game money ).
9. Owning Casino Property ( You can get profits of other players that uses the casino that you own in your location. Every 22th day of a month all properties will be reseted ).
10. Mug a Player ( If you mug a player and its successful you get a percentage of their money ).
11. Achievements ( Complete Achievements and you ll get cash rewards ).
12. Jobs ( You can work and get some extra cash money ).
13. Boss Fight ( If you are a little bit lucky you can win a lot of ingame money ).
14. Stock Markets ( Win some money from the stock markets but be carefull you may loose your money).
15. Smuggle ( Buy products from one city and sell them in an other city and get some extra cash).
16. Vote ( You can earn good amount of money every 12 hours ).

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